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Paschall Farms, located in Southeastern Michigan, raises Piedmontese cattle for today's healthy, fast-paced lifestyle. We are a fourth-generation family farm devoted to producing top-quality natural beef. Our tradition of excellence has been our mark for over 35 years.

Our cattle are provided with quality, healthy diets that we have grown right here on the farm. All our feeds and cattle are positively free of exogenous growth hormones and steroids. We uphold the highest standards throughout the entire state of the process to assure our products' safety and quality. Our cattle are fed on top-quality grass and finished on grain.

You will find our Piedmontese beef to be the best-tasting, lean, tender, healthy meat you have ever eaten.

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Image of free range Piedmontese cattle resting in pasture
Icon of a scale to weigh beef from Paschall Farms

Our cattle are sold by the whole, half, or quarter (half of a half) of an animal according to the hanging weight. The average half weighs 350-425 lbs. After processing, the average cost is about $5 per/lb.

Icon of a butcher's apron used to cut up meat from Paschall Farms

We deliver to the butcher, where they cut and package your meat according to your specifications.

Icon of a juicy steak from Paschall Farms

All the delicious natural beef taste you've been missing, with less fat, cholesterol, and calories than traditional beef. What could be better?

Image of a butcher cutting a tender steak from Paschall Farms
About Our Beef Processing Facility Methods

All our beef processing is done by the Dunbar Meat Packing Company located in Milan, Michigan. Dunbar Meat Packing is a family-owned and operated business serving Southeast Michigan since 1955.

Dunbar's clean, modern USDA-inspected facility can cut your steaks, chops, and roasts to your exact specifications. Then they vacuum-pack your meat in high-grade cryovac freezer wrap and flash-freeze it to preserve its quality.

All cuts are vacuum packaged. The average cost, after processing, is about $5 per pound.

For more information on Dunbar Meat Packing, please call (734) 439-7730.