Why Piedmontese Beef? It's Simply the Best Quality Beef and Naturally Healthier!

Piedmontese beef is naturally lower in fat, cholesterol, and calories, even compared to skinless chicken. Our meat is also much higher in taste satisfaction, juiciness, and tenderness. You'll also get many of the essential nutrients and vitamins necessary for a healthy diet, including heme iron, B vitamins, zinc, and all eight essential amino acids.

Reduced cooking time with juicy, tender taste!

Beef is a valuable source of dietary iron, zinc, and protein. Being lower in fat means being lower in calories. USDA tests confirm that Piedmontese F1 beef is genetically lower in fat than other breeds (reference: USDA MARC Germ Plasm Evaluation.)

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Naturally Lower in Fat

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Naturally Juicy & Tender

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Naturally Better!

Better Health
Cholesterol Content, selected species

per 3.5 oz or 100g serving

  • Beef-Choice
  • 74 mg
  • Beef-Select
  • 74 mg
  • Bison
  • 62 mg
  • Chicken (Skinless)
  • 70 mg
  • Lamb-Choice
  • 72 mg
  • Pork
  • 75 mg
  • Shrimp
  • 152 mg
  • Swordfish
  • 39 mg
  • Venison
  • 85 mg
  • *Crossbred Piedmontese (F1)
  • 62.0 mg
  • *Crossbred Piedmontese (F2)
  • 38.6 mg
  • Piedmontese (purebred)
  • 32.1 mg

Source U.S.D.A Agriculture Handbook No.8, Nutrient Composition of Foods; *Silliker Labs., Grand Prairie, Texas.

Piedmontese Beef Is Nutrient Rich and Low in Fat, Calories, and Cholesterol

The American Heart Association recommends 300 mg of dietary cholesterol per day. One serving (3.5 oz.) of F1-Piedmontese beef amounts to less than 21% of this daily allowance. (Note: cholesterol levels quoted are indicate submitted samples only; *Piedmontese beef from 9th to 12th rib sections.)

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