History of the Piedmontese Cattle

This naturally leaner breed of cattle comes from the northwest corner of Italy, along the foothills of the Alps, in a region known as Piedmont. In Italy, these "Piedmontese" cattle have been an important part of the beef industry for over a century.

What Makes Piedmontese Beef Better?

Piedmontese cattle are naturally lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol and have higher protein-dense meat. At Paschall Farms, we have taken these natural superior characteristics and enhanced them through our strict growing conditions, emphasizing a healthy environment.

In America, the Piedmontese influence gives us a choice in beef fat content. Crossbred Piedmontese beef will be significantly LEANER than conventional beef, while Pure Piedmontese is ULTRA-LEAN.

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Image of free range Piedmontese cattle standing in pasture